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Joelle McMillan Webinars

How to Leverage Your Safety Program for Better Hiring Success

Date: May 12
Time: 8:ooam CST

Every owner knows that hiring, training and retaining a quality team is one of the biggest challenges in business. Keeping them safe and healthy is yet another.

On this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Creative but simple ways to use your Safety Management System to:
    • Improve your screening process to reduce the risk of bad hires
    • Massively reduce hiring and training costs (with many employers we see thousands of dollars being saved)
    • Shorten onboard time and get performance up to speed faster
  • Provide and review a Spring Start-Up Checklist to help make sure your business is set up for a worry free season! (no incidents or stop work orders for you!)


The Top 3 Latent (Safety Related) Risks that Blindside Owners

Date: May 19
Time: 8:ooam CST

Every year, we see owners caught off guard and suffer serious business interruption and loss with un-anticipated safety related events.
On this webinar, the experts from Arthur J. Gallagher will be discussing what these risks are. They will also identify which ones you can and cannot buy insurance for, and the measures you can take to protect your business!








The Top 5 Ways to Use Workplace Safety to Generate ROI for Your Business

Date: May 28
Time: 8:ooam CST

If your workplace safety management is only to check the boxes to meet legislative requirements, then it will be expensive, hard to sustain, and will leave your business exposed to risk and the associated liabilities.

On the other hand, safety management systems designed to serve your people and your business FIRST as a driver of overall business performance provide greater risk management with less effort, and have a massive (positive) impact on your overall business performance and profits.

Every day that you don’t change, its costing you time and money (and likely a few grey hairs).

Join the webinar discussion and learn FIVE of the Top Drivers of Safety ROI and the SIMPLE hacks to implement them in your business.

(Note: To do COMPLICATED is EASY, and to do SIMPLE is HARD. The simple has come from over 10 years working with hundreds of businesses; observing, refining and figuring it out. Now we want to share with owners what we know so that you have the peace of mind and the freedom to operate that you and your business deserve)