It’s time to take control of workplace safety – whether you’re in the office or on the go!

Welcome to mySafetyAssistant – a robust software safety management system that does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your employees and customers.

mySafetyAssistant is fast, flexible and easy to use. It’s built by safety professionals, so you know it’s built to safety standards and from experience.

You can tailor it to your specific organizational needs so that you can set, train, and enforce your safety and management standards in real time. Forms can be filled out, signed and assigned to specific personnel quick and easy on the mobile app.

mySafetyAssistant software is available in the Cloud, so you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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mySafetyAssistant Benefits

mySafetyAssistant makes it easy to convert your paper processes to digital so that:

  • Employees have access to critical information in real time.
  • Records and documents are efficiently managed for due diligence (including date stamps and document revisions).
  • Documents can be assigned to employees and tracked that they have been read.
  • Corrective actions due documents and training expiring are never missed.
  • Better decision can be made via the quick glance dashboards.
  • Your digital SMS is fully customized to your specific needs (forms, documents, work flows, training records etc.).
  • You can ensure multiple signoffs at different management levels using the proprietary WORK-FLOW systems (Employer – Supervisor – Manager).
  • Safety performance can be managed for multiple job locations, including viewing specific projects, people, risk assessments, photos and signatures and more.

Increase safety, reduce costs with mySafetyAssistant, you can increase employee safety while saving time and money. You’ll experience:

  • Drastically reduced scanning and filing time… and no more paper chasing!
  • Days saved by knowing what’s going on without having to drive to every work site.
  • Instant communication across your workforce to web and mobile apps.
  • Updating your safety management system across your entire organization at once (instead of updating multiple paper binders) Increased accountability and safety performance.
  • Time saved tracking employee training, expiry dates and certifications.
  • The freedom to operate that comes from the peace of mind that your workers are protected.
  • Use mySafetyAssistant for more than just safety You can use mySafetyAssistant with other areas of your business, including quality assurance, HR, operations, and customer service.

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mySafetyAssistant Features

Your one-stop-shop for safety management. Always up to date, always compliant.

mySafetyAssistant is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge safety information and management. Super user administrators manage user permissions for managers, supervisors, and employees. How it works: one system to manage it all. You'll get:

  • News feed and legislative updates.
  • Contractor-management-system integration.
  • Document-management system:
    • Create nesting folders.
    • Upload multiple documents at once.
    • Auto-publish from Word and Excel to mobile devices.
    • Assign documents to employees through the web or mobile app for sign-off.
    • Expiry date notification and version control.
    • View, sort, and create analytics for incoming documents.
  • Learning-management system:
    • Manage employee training, certificates, due dates, and recertification.
    • Deliver online-training courses with certifications.
  • Mobile forms:
    • Use pre-made templates.
    • Build forms from scratch with the “easy wizard.”
    • Select from multiple question types, and add photos and comments to any question.
    • Customize preferences, including duplication, private forms, multiple sign-off levels, and mandatory fields.
    • Assess hazards and assign corrective actions.
    • Use advanced form-auditing.
    • Print photos in high resolution.
    • Create workflows ensuring accountability and due diligence.
  • Scheduling Tool:
    • Send selected forms and documents automatically to mobile users at your desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
    • Send a group of forms/documents “on demand” (for new hires or incident management).
    • Send administrators a summary email after you send them forms or notify mobile users when they have been assigned a form.
    • Compliance tracking and dashboard summaries.
  • Employee-learning plans:
    • Create a job-title label.
    • Add corresponding documents and training required.
    • Auto assign learning plans to many employees at once and track their progress.
  • Real-time view and auto-file documentation on the web and mobile app:
    • Monitor a company-wide activity feed.
    • Organize by project, person, date, risk and more at a glance, using the dashboards.
    • Create detailed reports using advanced filters.
  • Enhanced Management Tools:
    • Email or print direct from mobile app.
    • GPS tracking to know where documents and forms are completed.
    • Harvest meta-data from forms for advanced analytics and better decision making.
  • SDS management-service integration.
  • Public-resource library, including template policies, safe-work practices, technical updates, and learning resources.
  • Local onsite technical support and training.

mySafetyAssistant Administration Views

mySafetyAssistant Admin View mySafetyAssistant Admin View


mySafetyAssistant starts at $12.99 CAD per employee, per month. We also provide volume discounts for larger organizations.


mySafetyAssistant Add-ons


Train when convenient to your work schedule, includes:
  • Eighteen online courses you can take in any order at any time
  • High impact interactive-learning games to promote learning and retention
  • Designed by safety professionals to be defensible

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Management

Give us your SDS or MSDS in electronic or paper format, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our all-inclusive approach includes matching your product list to the most current manufacturer’s SDS and MSDS. Send us periodic updates to your inventory and we’ll ensure your library is up to date. If we find a more recent version, we’ll upload the new one and email you an alert, and archive the existing version future reference.
  • Free up company resources by keeping your SDS and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) up to date.
  • Use on web and mobile applications.
  • Store in one central location with your safety program information.
  • Assign safety and data sheets for employees’ review to ensure proper training and education.
  • Access historical records at any time to view expired and archived sheets.

Resource library

Keep your safety up to date and energized.

New resources developed by our safety professionals and posted every month, including:

  • Safety talks
  • Hazard alerts
  • Draft policies and safe-work practices
  • Technical updates
  • Forms, reports and checklists