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Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

1Life Workplace Safety Solutions helps you protect your workers by giving you the tools to keep your workers and business safe.

We've partnered with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce to support Winnipeg businesses with two exclusive cost-saving programs:

  1. Complimentary 60-Minute Simpler Easier Consultation
  2. 25% Discount on mySafetyAssistant Mobile app.

We can answer your safety questions.

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Complimentary 60-Minute Easy Consultation

  • Speak with a registered safety professional
  • Learn how you can increase worker safety, increase your level of compliance and decrease your total cost of risk
  • Discover changes to safety legislation relevant to your industry
  • Gain insight into protecting your business from unintentional loss

25% discount on mySafetyAssistant Mobile App

  • Stay connected to your safety program on your smartphone
  • Get instant access to training records and other documentation
  • Save time, reduce or eliminate paper work
  • Conduct virtual hazard assessments and other documentation