Creating a New Project

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How to Create a New Project

To create a new project, navigate to the forms tab, and select projects from the sub-tab menu. click the Add New Project button.

From this page, you can enter the name of your project, description, address, start and end dates, and the status of the project. The only item mandatory is the name.
Once you have entered all required information, click Save to commit your changes.

You will now be able to add employees to the project, view any forms assigned to the project, and any mobile document signoffs.

When a project is complete, archive the project by simply clicking on the name of the project and under the Status section, you can toggle the Archived button. Click Save to reflect your changes. This will remove this project from being selected in future forms and document signoffs.


How to Add/Remove Employees To/From a Project

To control how many forms and training records are being pushed down to each person’s device, you can add employees to projects by simply clicking the Add Employee button.
To remove employees from projects, simply click the trash bin icon by the employee’s name.

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