Adding a New Project

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To fill out a form or sign a document on the mobile app, employees will need to select a project.

Projects are used to separate completed forms and signed documents into different groups. Another way to think of a project is like a folder in a filing cabinet. If you were to file this form (or signed document) away, what folder would it go in?

Assigning a project to a form allows you to run reports in the 1Life Software to see how different projects/teams/divisions are filling out forms (or if they are not!)

Some ideas on how to name your projects are:

  1. Area of a Plant/Building – welding, front office, shipping, etc.
  2. Locations of projects – 412 Portage Ave, 280 Stradbrook, etc.
  3. Groups of employees – residential installers, commercial installers, etc. (this can be good if you have multiple short projects each day)
  4. Job ID/# – internal job number that your company uses to track work.
  5. Equipment Type – Forklift #1, Plate #ABC123

Watch Step by Step Directions


Steps to Add a New Project

  1. Click “Forms” in the main menu at the top of the screen
  2. Click the “Projects tab
  3. Click the “Add new project” button

Entering Project Details

When you click ‘Add New Project‘, a new screen will open. This is the project setup screen where you can enter:

  1. The name of your project – ideas on how to name are listed above (REQUIRED)

Optional items:

  1. Description – details on the specific project
  2. Address – where the project is located
  3. Start and end dates – dates the project is active
  4. Status of the project – Archiving the project will make it no longer visible on the mobile app. You can always make it Active again if it is needed

Once you have entered all the required information click the ‘Save’ button to save your changes.

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