Finding Previous Forms on a Mobile Device

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Looking for exact forms in the 1Life mobile app has never been easier. Search for previously filled out forms with confidence using one of two filtering options.

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Steps to Find Filled Out Forms

Begin by tapping the Forms menu tab on your mobile app. This opens the window where new form templates can be created or previously filled out forms can be viewed. Then choose to view existing forms by tapping on the View Previous tab.

Option 1 — Using the advance filtering system.

By tapping the filter button at the top right side of the screen, additional filtering options are displayed allowing for filtering forms by:

After making filtering selections, tap the Done button located in the top right corner of the screen. Listed will be all forms meeting the selected filtering criteria.

  • Project
  • Form Status
  • Requiring My Attention
  • Created By
  • Assigned To
  • Corrective Actions

Option 2 — Search by form name.

Entering a form name in the search field will automatically filter the list down only matching forms with titles matching the entered name.

By simply removing the text in the search field, the forms list will display all originally displayed forms.

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