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Scheduler allows the ability to send out predefined forms and/or documents to employees based on a schedule date. This is great for automation when it comes to Safety Talks, SWPs, Monthly Inspections, Emergency Equipment Checklists, and even Maintenance Records!

Another great note on Scheduler is the employee will get an email AND a badge notification on their mobile device letting them know which item they must view.

To create a schedule:

  1. Click on the Tools tab and navigate to Scheduler.
  2. A separate window will appear. Click on Add Schedule in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Name your schedule in the provided field
  4. Select the project for the schedule from the available list.
  5. There are 2 scheduling options available: When scheduled, which can choose frequency and time, or On Demand, which would go out right when you push it out.
  6. Choose the start and end date of your schedule, and once your schedule preferences are selected, click
    1. Select the schedule time to choose what time the schedule should be sent out down to the minute.
  7. You can choose to send the schedule by selecting the employees, by selecting the projects, OR by selecting the labels. Best Practice is selecting the employees to ensure the correct people are getting the required scheduled forms/documents

How Add Employees to the Schedule

Simply click Add Employees to Schedule, then Add Employee

You can either:

Search employees, click the box beside the name of the employee, and select add to add them to schedule. You can add multiple employees this was as well

Once you have selected who you are sending the schedule to, select Continue.

How to Add Forms to the Schedule

Select Add Templates. Choose the form from the groups you are wanting to schedule and select the box beside the name and select add to add it to the schedule, exactly like how you did when attaching an employee.

If you do not see the form you want to send, double check to ensure the form is published. Select Continue.

How to Add Documents to the Schedule

Select Add Documents. Choose the document from the groups you are wanting to schedule and select the box beside the name and select add to add it to the schedule.

If you do not see the document you want to send, double check to ensure the document is published. Select Continue.

Add Email Notifications

If you want to send a summary email of what you are sending and to who (for example, to upper management), select Add Emails. You can choose a name from the drop-down menu as you have in previous screens, or you can type in the email address of a third Party. Select Add.  If no summary email is required, select Save & Close. You will be directed to the Scheduler main page.

How to Send a Schedule

On the Scheduler main page, you can review all schedules currently in place.

You can activate or inactivate a schedule as well as edit, trash, or view history by clicking on the related icons.

To send your ON DEMAND schedule, click the green play button icon. This will push out your schedule immediately. Remind the employee(s) to synchronize their device

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