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We’ve added some exciting new features to the LMS!

LMS courses attached to a label will now be updated when the course is replaced using course builder. Another feature is LMS course certificates will now automatically update old certificates with the new recertification – multiple training records for employees are no more!

These two features make managing your training certifications and labels even better than before!

Here’s how the new features appear:


When a course that is attached to a label is replaced in course builder, you can head back to the label and you will see the new course is automatically updated within the label, removing the need for you to manually update the labels with the new course yourself.

*Note – employees who have not started the original course will automatically be unassigned to the course and assigned to the new course.  

Training Certificates:

If an employee has a certificate for an LMS course that they retake, the LMS will now update the old certification with the new one!

You can still find all the previous certifications by navigating to the Training Record Library. Locate the record – click the pencil icon beside the certificate name and scroll down to the ‘document upload history’

*This is the same design as when you update documents or third-party training certificates in the software currently.


We hope you enjoyed this user tip and if there is anything you want to see the 1Life software do, please email us at to let us know as our software is built by clients just like you!

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