Know the Risks When Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment

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DID YOU KNOW? Working around Powered Mobile Equipment is one of the most dangerous tasks performed on worksites.

Serious Incident: January 2015 – A worker in Winnipeg was seriously injured when an aerial lift rolled and pinned the worker against a hot boiler resulting in second and third degree burns down his back.

Fatality: September 2013 – A worker, aged 32, was loading a boom truck onto a trailer when it rolled over him at a construction site in St. Jean Baptiste. He was transported to hospital but was pronounced dead a short while later.

Fatality: September 2011 – A 53 year old commercial dump truck operator from Ste. Anne was working outside the vehicle while dumping a load of gravel when the truck rolled forward, running him over. Emergency services responded to the incident in the RM of Hanover but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Fatality: July 2008 – A 15 year old boy (who was too young to be working on a construction job) was part of a paving crew working on a parking lot in Stony Mountain. The teen was standing behind the asphalt dumping truck when the load fell on him and knocked him over. This horrific construction accident resulted in his death when he was buried under a mountain of searing hot asphalt. Two other workers also suffered serious burns to their hands trying to dig him out.

In 2013, 3 acute-hazard fatalities in Manitoba were caused by powered mobile equipment!

Each year in Canada, many workers are killed or suffer serious injuries when working around powered mobile equipment. Most incidents occur from complacency resulting from over familiarity with equipment and / or a lack of training.

After a fatality of other serious incident, the investigation often determines that they were many near misses (messengers from the future) that went unreported and therefore uncontrolled. Never forget that working with and around powered mobile equipment can be dangerous!

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NEW ONLINE COURSE! Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment (PME)

Because so many workplace injuries are a result of working around powered mobile equipment (PME), legislation and guidelines have been established to help ensure the safety of workers in Manitoba.

This course is approximately 1 hour in length and will cover:

  • Why it is important that you take the hazards of working around powered mobile equipment seriously.
  • The different types of common powered mobile equipment you may work around.
  • The types of hazards and unsafe practices that can result in serious injuries and fatalities.
  • Safe work practices and procedures when working around PME.