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Safety Management System Elements

A Safety Management System is a form of quality assurance where there is clear accountability for safety outcomes.

It is a formal documented system where operations are defined by written procedures and standardized practices. An effective Safety Management System is SIMPLE, but not necessarily easy. It involves:

  • Setting clear standards. Establishing meaningful policies and procedures with the involvement of workers.
  • Training people on the standards in a way that emphasises “what’s in it for me”.
  • Holding people accountable to the standards. Everyone must be held accountable, regardless of position or rank, with tough love.

It is a common complaint to hear that standards are not followed for such things as Incident Reporting, Hazard Assessments, Inspections, New Worker Orientations and more. As a result documentation is substandard, critical information is not clear and due diligence is weak. Sound familiar?

Just like the hazard control process, an effective solution is to eliminate the problem. mySafetyApp has been created for those responsible for Safety to be able to create their specific standards for critical Safety Management System components like Inspections, Hazard Assessments, Incident Reporting and more on a simple to use web based platform.

Once created, standards and the corresponding forms are pushed to employee’s mobile devices where they must be followed exactly in order to be completed and submitted. Managers and safety coordinators can see in real time complete with photos what’s happening on the job site. In addition, hazard notifications are share with responsible people immediately with priority ranking. The chasing of signatures and paperwork is eliminated and time and money are saved. Peace of mind and better control of an effective Safety Management System is achieved.

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