Take Our Kids to Work Day Celebrates 25 Years!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 is Take Our Kids to Work Day. Schools across the country will be participating in this exciting and fun event where over 200,000 Grade 9 students get a day to step into their future and experience a day on the job![divider size=”20px”]

If your workplace is participating, have you made a plan to ensure the safety of these students?[divider size=”20px”]

WHEN THINGS GO HORRIBLY WRONG: In 2000, what started out as a day of excitement turned tragic at the John Deere Welland Works plant in Southern Ontario. Two 14 years old’s were operating a two seat, six wheeled “Gator” utility vehicle when it crashed into a truck trailer and became wedged beneath it. The gator about the size of a golf cart and its speed does not exceed 30 miles per hour. One of the children’s father worked at the plant as a production engineer.[divider size=”20px”]

ENSURE A SAFE AND FUN TAKE YOUR KIDS TO WORK DAY! Remember that these students are vulnerable workers. They will be unfamiliar with the work environment, will lack experience and will be excited and eager to impress. Here are some recommendations to help ensure a safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved:[divider size=”10px”]

  1. Plan ahead:
    • •    What activities will the students do?
    • •    How will you ensure they experience them safely?
    • •    When/where will they do them? (what else is going on in the work area at that time)
    • •    Who will supervise and how much supervision is required?
    • •    What needs to be done before hand to make the experience safer? (i.e. perhaps housecleaning, or you might consider isolating an area to avoid other nonrelated tasks being performed in the same area that the students will be in).
    • •    Is any emergency response planning required…just in case?
    • •    Advise all employees so that they expect to see students in their workplace
  2. Ensure the students get a safety orientation as you would with anyone entering or visiting you company.
  3. Be sure they understand the purpose and how to use any personal protective equipment.
  4. What other Safe Work Procedures are required to ensure the highest degree of safety? What are the preventions?
  5. What are the restricted activities? What activities might they only observe?
  6. What will make this a great experience…with some fun along with being safe? Does their school will have assignments or certain outcomes they expect?[divider size=”20px”]

Other Take our Kids to Work Day Resources:[divider size=”10px”]

  • •    The Learning Partnership introduced Take Our Kids to Work day and has guides and other resources here.
  • •    SAFEWork Manitoba recognizes the event and has resources for parents and teachers.[divider size=”10px”]