LMS Course Settings & Training Record Groups

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This Months user tip is all about course settings in the LMS:

  • View course details & duration
  • Set up course settings such as expiry and days to complete
  • Select training record group

First navigate to the LMS and the ‘all training courses’ page. To view each courses duration and course outline, select ‘details’ beside the course name.

Beside the course name at the top of the page there is a little blue ‘I’ icon. Select this to view course information.

A pop-up window will appear where you can view the course duration and description. scroll down select the ‘course settings’ button

Here you can control if you want users to self enroll to courses and choose for the system to Auto assign expired/expiring courses.

You can also type in the number of days the user has to complete the course. Ex. 30

As well as how often they will need to retake this course. If it’s every year type in 365 days or if every 3 years, then 1095 days.

It’s recommended to set up the training record group – this is where you want the completed certificate to go into in your Training Record Library.

Select the group name from the drop-down list.

If you do not have the folder you are looking for, you can create it in your Training Record Library.

Head back to your main 1life page and select ‘training records library’

Select ‘manage groups’ and ‘+add new Group’. Enter the group or folder name and select the check mark to save.

You can then head back to the course setting page in the LMS and select the new group you just created.

If you have not chosen a group, they will auto file under the “1Life Online Training” group folder in the ‘Training Record library’

It is recommended to set up your course settings and training record groups to ensure the platform is working optimally for you!
We hope you enjoyed this user tip and if there is anything you want to see the 1Life software do, please email us at support@1lifewss.com to let us know as our software is built by clients just like you!


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