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We’ve introduced a new feature in the Learning Management System!
You can now organize courses within groups in the course library.
This can save time by:
• Easily navigating and managing of courses by creating your own groups, viewing what you want for quick reference, and seeing what is new.


Navigating Course Groups:
To get started, navigate to the online courses. This will take you to the ‘All Training Courses’ screen.
Here you can see how the course groups are currently organized.
The green headings are the pre-set 1Life headings.
Any new course that 1Life has published will appear under the ‘New 1Life Courses’ for 60 days. This makes it easy for you to see new course content available for you!

*The default folder for your custom created courses will be a blue heading with your company name in the title. All your course headings are in blue for ease of reference.

How to add/edit course groups:

Select ‘Course Builder’ from the left side menu. Select ‘Manage Groups’ and a pop-up window will appear.

To add a group, select ‘+ Add group’. Provide a name and select Add.

You can then move courses into that group by selecting the course name and clicking on the green arrow icon. Choose which group you want to move the course into and select ‘move’

The course will now appear under that new group!

You can also reorder the course groups by selecting ‘order groups.’ Simply drag the name of a group to reorder its position.

A couple of items to note:

  • You will not be able to move any custom courses built through the course builder into the pre-set 1life (green) folders
  • if you are subscribed to course builder, and have chosen to hide a course, the course name will appear in orange text.

If you delete a course group that contains any 1life courses, the 1 life courses will move back into the green 1Life course group by default.

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